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(Asphalt 7 Heat) races into the App Store, costs just $0.99

Gameloft’s Asphalt is one of the longest standing racing series on the App Store, offering a combination of fast-paced racing action, carrier management, officially licensed cars from hot manufacturers and great multiplayer. Asphalt 7: Heat arrives just in time for the summer, available at an unbeatable price of just 99 cents. It’s a steal, really…

Gameloft explains in a blog post that Asphal 7: Heat features revamped graphics optimized for Retina devices, the career mode, more upgrades, more customization options, unlockable new cups and cars and way more. There are in total some sixty vehicles from well-known car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and the legendary DeLorean. And if you’re playing on a Retina iPad, pay close attention to highly detailed models and cool reflection effects. When you’re ready to race, you’ll be able to burn your tires on fifteen different tracks scattered across the world’s cities, including new locations in Hawaii, Paris, London, Miami and Rio.

More screen shots and details after the break

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Curious Math

Liked it or hated it, Mathematics has always been a brainchild to so many things that have evolved in life, its a under statement that some mathematic calculations lead to amazing combinations in its own.

Here are few series which lead to an amazing amount of curiosity what numbers can do.

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The world’s top 5 billionaires in 2012

According to Forbes magazine, This year’s Top Billionaires list broke records for the most number of billionaires (1,226) and combined net worth, at $4.6 trillion, up from $4.5 trillion. There are now billionaires from 58 countries. The U.S. is still home to more billionaires than any other country, with 425, a gain of 12. China and Russia were both got a huge loss. They have 95 and 96, respectively, down from 115 and 101 last year.

* More than 50 reporters in 16 countries worked on compiling the list this year, valuing individuals’ public holdings, private companies, real estate, yachts, art and cash.

Click through to see the full list of top 5 wealthiest people in the world.

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Explaining the Tupac hologram

For people who watched the amazing tupac hologram video at coachella that we posted 2 days ago and wondered how this is even possible.
Info Magnet got you a neat visual explanation to clarify this technology as easy as possible.

1- The image of Tupac is being projected onto a mirrored surface on the ground of the stage.

2- The image is reflected onto a transparent foil screen situated at a 45 degree that the audience sees Tupac’s image.

As you can see here, Snoop Dogg was standing behind the transparent screen and not beside Tupac’s hologram as it shows in the video.

That technology is really scary.

Tupac hologram explanation

Tupac hologram explanation

Feel free to ask us any questions about the concept.. Hope you all like it.

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