One in ten men apparently want an iPad rather than a girl?

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the iPad here at Info Magnet, but even we don’t quite understand this latest statistic.

A recent survey by online casino Roxy Palace suggests that one in ten, or around 11% of men asked would prefer to get a new Apple tablet rather than a lady friend.


We had to read that a few times to make sure we hadn’t imagined it but sure enough, that’s what the numbers say. Just to add a little fun to proceedings, the poll also asked whether people would prefer any other kind of tablet to a new love, with the number dropping to just 4%.. WOW apple.

Still, as much as we like a shiny new tablet every once in a while, we’re not sure we would go so far as to say we’d rather have a tablet than a nice lady.


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2 responses to “One in ten men apparently want an iPad rather than a girl?”

  1. Raneem says :

    What has this world come to!!

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